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My lampwork beads… February 6, 2008

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so obviously i am new to lampworking…here are some of my older beads…

and now for some of my newest beads! i am really in love with the set of purples, had fun with dots, and practiced more spacers. my other goal with that set was to acheive bigger beads that were about the same size, i think i did really well with that as well as acheiving beads that can make a ‘set’ at least of sorts. hope you enjoy! just click on the pics for a closer view!



a lampworkers glass rod holder… January 31, 2008

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i have just started to play around with lampwork bead making, which is the art of creating beautiful unique glass creations…in this case beads. i don’t have a huge amount of glass but enough that makes it difficult to pick colors when i am in the middle of a torch session. instead of just dealing with having to sort through colors i made a rolling organizational pouch system to hold all my glass rods sorted by color. it is a specialty item for sure, but i am sure that i could make the same idea pouch into maybe an apron for sewing supplies or such…hum…may have to play with that idea!

this system is about 17″ tall and has 21 pockets that are 2″ wide and 8″ tall, leaving lots of room to view the glass rods. there is an extra flap of fabric on the inside end to fold over your glass as a protective measure against the glass rubbing. it easily rolls and the long ribbon ties allows you to put as much or as little glass in as you would like. it is pictured here with my glass in it.

oh and this is a dark PURPLE not a blue! my camera just wasn’t agreeing with me!

1)system rolled completely out


2)protective flap folded over


3)rolled up top side


4) rolled up tied side


– jessica