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Handmade Recycled Upcycled Onesie made from a T-shirt! May 5, 2009

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Thats right I made a onesie from a shirt! It is such a fab way of making new clothes for your children having to spend either little or no money. You can also create one of a kind clothes for them that no one else will have. This onesie used to be a womens 2x tank top that never fit me but had a really cute beach theme across the front. I even made a really cute hat to go with it out of the same fabric! The little lady in the picture is my newest addition Samantha aka Sammi. Just for size reference she is a size 0-3 months! This was much easier than I expected but SOOOO cute! There are a lot of step but not that bad and nice feeling since the fabric is more worn in. I just put this up on Etsy! Wish it luck!






Tutorials April 14, 2009

On the subject of tutorials my sister, Kymy, has a great list made up with TONS of links to tutorials.   There is everything from clothes for nursing mommy’s to clothes for the little boys and girls.  The baby legs tutorial is fab and they come out so CUTE!  There are 841+ patterns and tutorials listed and sorted! One of the best parts about it is I believe they are all FREE patterns and tutorials! You cant beat that. She has some great tutorials on her blog as well that you just have to check out.


Contured Nursing Pads Tutorial April 11, 2009

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I am successfully nursing my newest dd and disposable nursing pads have become a pain.  As such I have searched all over the net for ideas on good ways to make washable nursing pads.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial (as it is being typed with a 7 1/2 week old on my chest!)

Contoured Nursing Pad Tutorial

You will need:

  • Flannel (a recieving blanket works great)
  • A circle template of your choice (between 3 1/2 to 5 inches depending on your breast size)


Cut out 8 flannel circles in your desired size circle.  There will be 4 circles per nursing pad.I used a large cup that I liked the size of for my template.  You can easily make them any size you want.  If you want extra absorbancy you could add an extra layer of flannel or even a layer of fleece.  The recipe can be adjusted as needed.


Cut a wedge out of each circle.  My wedge was 1/16 of the circle.  I did this by folding a cut out circle until I got a small enough wedge and cutting it out.  I then transferred that on to a cardboard template.  After you get your wedges cut out stack your circles up neatly.  It does not matter how your inner circles are stacked, only that your outer circles have the pattern facing out.


Now to sew.  Set your machine to a wide zigzag with a short stitch length.


You are going to be sewing your wedge opening together.  You may need to pin your opening together but it is fairly easy to sew without pinning.  Sew the two edges together making sure to get all layers.


Lengthen your stitch length a bit.  Now just zip around the edges making sure one side of the stitch catches over the edge an the other through the fabric.

Tada! Homemade nursing pads that are easy on the wallet, great on the environment, and quick and easy to make! And you can pick some really cute prints for some fun. Just try to make sure you are choosing a fabric for the outside that will blend in if your bra or nursing top is in anyway see through.


2nd day off in a row…woot February 7, 2008

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for this second day off in a row i plan on driving down to my sisters, which is about 45 minutes away. Hopefully to bring sewing stuff and my machine with to do some sewing crafts together…but am waiting to know what time will be ok to come down…probably call her at like 9:30 if she hasn’t messaged me back or called me. I would like to spend more time at my torch today making glass beads, but even if i don’t go to my sis’s its still not a good torch day, because i lampwork out in my shed…with the door wide open…and it is EXTREMELY windy outside…and torch and wind just don’t get along well. So am hoping to be able to go down there…even though it means a long drive…and a 7 1/2 month old in the back seat. But my sis has a 2 1/2 year old boy as well as identical twin 8 month old girls, so chloe will have lots to do. now as for what i would like to bring with me…haha…that could be interesting…well…i want breakfast…so later!


– jessica


today…my plan… February 6, 2008

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well me and hubby were supposed to both have today off…but he just got called in to work this evening…so…my plan for the day…lol.

– help DH cut some firewood

– hit the torch and try out some new lampwork ideas and techniques – DONE

– make something for lunch – DONE

– finish my first pair of cloth baby shoes

– finish a few more bibs

– make kids aprons

– make DD some new clothes

– vote in primary’s

– clean…gah…

yeah…so thats more or less my plans for the day…will post whatever i actually finish…yeah…


an idea that hasn’t quite worked. January 25, 2008

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this is a work in progress…or prototype…lol. i made it with an old tablecloth that is way to thin for the finshed product…need to go through my stash and find a good fabric or combo of fabrics. maybe polkadots…and i am also thinking about adding another layer to the bottom to make the shirt about 2+ inches longer and so that it will have more texture and color to it…maybe in different prints. either way i like the idea but need to work it a bit more to make it look more appropriate…some neckline issues…and the length issue. well for now i am going to keep straightening up my crafts and fabric…i finally found an OK spot to put my shelves so that i can put my fabric out…now just need to finish ironing and folding my fabric…HA!



lavender baby girl dress. January 22, 2008

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onto my craftyness, heres a dress i made a while back that actually fits my little munchkin now. its a little wrinkly from being in a box but i think this style looks adorable on my little one anyways. was fun to make and i need to find more time to make more of these!