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NEW MyMee all purpose baby item! July 6, 2009

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So I have been wanting to design a bib that uses my fun plastic clips I use on my binky leashes. This led to me thinking hey, I can make it to work for babies and toddlers. This led to hey I can attach my ribbon with a snap so it will rotate. This led to hey, I need as much ribbon as my binky leashes take…which led to a super fun, multi pupose baby item! There are so many uses for the MyMee. (which I named based on the fact that Chloe calls blankets her “me” and sammi was holding one like the perfect little baby blanket)


– baby bib
– toddler bib
– binky leash
– lovey
– spit rag
– toy leash
– blanket leash


You can easily interchanged the straps and lovey portions to match your mood. The leash included with the MyMee is the same as my other pacifier leashes.


To use as a binky leash, toy leash, or blanket leash remove ribbon from the fabric piece. To hold a binky or toy, loop the end of the robbin through the item and simply snap shut then attach to fabric or baby using the plastic clip. To use as a blanket leash loop the end around your stroller, or car seat and use the plastic clip attached to the blanket. To use as a baby or toddler bib simply snap the leash to the fabric and feed the ribbon behind baby then clip the plastic clip to the appropriate side. To use as a spit rag or lovey clip, have the leash snapped to the fabric and the plastic clipped to they baby or car seat, and use or love as needed. Can also be used as a lovey or spit/snot rag without the leash.


The leash/strap is made using a cute ribbon with ruffly edges and a strip down the center. The plastic clip used, clips right on to any outfit or item and the small plastic teeth keep the leash secure without ruining anything. The clip is sewn into a loop of ribbon. The snap allows for easy removal of your child’s pacifier or quick attachment to the fabric. This leash works with all types of pacifiers given the appropriate adapters. Leash measure approximately 9 inches from tip of the plastic clip to the tip of the closed ribbon, and about 12 inches with the snap open. The fabric portion is a cotton blend on one side and a flannel on the other. The flannel allows absorbance without added bulk. It is topped stitched, and has just the one snap on it.



Yet another new bib on Etsy! April 20, 2009

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I just posted another new bib in My Etsy. This time it is a boy or girl bandana themed one!



New Etsy Items!

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It feels so good when I actually get something done in a day…and I haven’t even been home most of the day! These are items I just listed in My Etsy Store.

Cherry Pot Holder

Grapes Pot Holder

Hello Kitty Bib


2nd day off in a row…woot February 7, 2008

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for this second day off in a row i plan on driving down to my sisters, which is about 45 minutes away. Hopefully to bring sewing stuff and my machine with to do some sewing crafts together…but am waiting to know what time will be ok to come down…probably call her at like 9:30 if she hasn’t messaged me back or called me. I would like to spend more time at my torch today making glass beads, but even if i don’t go to my sis’s its still not a good torch day, because i lampwork out in my shed…with the door wide open…and it is EXTREMELY windy outside…and torch and wind just don’t get along well. So am hoping to be able to go down there…even though it means a long drive…and a 7 1/2 month old in the back seat. But my sis has a 2 1/2 year old boy as well as identical twin 8 month old girls, so chloe will have lots to do. now as for what i would like to bring with me…haha…that could be interesting…well…i want breakfast…so later!


– jessica


today…my plan… February 6, 2008

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well me and hubby were supposed to both have today off…but he just got called in to work this evening…so…my plan for the day…lol.

– help DH cut some firewood

– hit the torch and try out some new lampwork ideas and techniques – DONE

– make something for lunch – DONE

– finish my first pair of cloth baby shoes

– finish a few more bibs

– make kids aprons

– make DD some new clothes

– vote in primary’s

– clean…gah…

yeah…so thats more or less my plans for the day…will post whatever i actually finish…yeah…


handmade bibs…with taggies! January 24, 2008

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ok, so i am in a crafting mood. my newest creation is simply a bib, which i am making a bunch of so i can sell them at the farmers market this summer. and for the pics….

with taggies…

and just the cute bibs…

they are getting much easier to sew as i go, and now that i have the pattern for sure i am just doing them in batches…have a handful finished and a bunch that just need to be top stitched. i made the pattern from a bib of my daughters that i liked and just left room for the seams. i am going to make matching burp clothes…though i dont have any of those to make patterns from…so i will just have to freehand it! the taggie bib was fun to make, i have a matching one in my pile that needs to be top stitched…thats the only grosgrain ribbon i had on hand…so need to buy more so that i can make more taggie bibs. the only thing i need now is either velcro or snaps for the back.