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Party Favor Craziness! February 14, 2010

So I like to spoil children…can’t just do cheap party favors, instead I go all out and make stuff too. We plan on going the day after valentines day as well to get candy to add to it, as well as possibly more favors. I already bought some decorations from the dollar store but will probably get more on clearance after valentines day. I figure if you are born 3 days after valentines day why not use it as the perfect theme! I am expecting a combination of babies, toddlers, and preschool age kids. As such I am going to make each kids party bag up for them specially. I figure by doing it this way and having extra party favors on hand no kid will be left out and each child will get the age appropriate items/toys. Plus I can do it with each child and they can pick their colors and such out! Win win for everyone. Here is what will be at the party: 19 Crayon Rolls, 36 Multi Color Crayon Cupcakes, PLUS pencils, erasers, noise makers, spinny toys that click, and shapes that snap together!

Should be a blast. I have 13 of the crayon rolls done and just 6 more to complete!


Birthday Party Favors! February 11, 2010

So Sammi’s first birthday is in just 7 days! I really wanted to make some custom party favors but couldnt figure out what i should make. Then the light bulb went on and I knew what I was gonna make! Mini crayon rolls! Here is a Crayon Roll Tutorial on how to make a full size roll! Being that these are just to be party favors I didn’t feel that a full roll was necessary but wanted more that the 4 crayons that the favor rolls I have seen hold. So here is my solution!

Crayon roll

crayon roll

crayon roll

I absolutely love it and think that they will be the perfect touch to Sammi’s bday! Am going to make some in boy prints as well so that no one feels left out! And by holding 6 crayons instead of 4 I can give the kids enough color variety that they don’t just get random colors! I will still be able to buy 24 pack or larger of crayons to fill them with!



NEW MyMee all purpose baby item! July 6, 2009

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So I have been wanting to design a bib that uses my fun plastic clips I use on my binky leashes. This led to me thinking hey, I can make it to work for babies and toddlers. This led to hey I can attach my ribbon with a snap so it will rotate. This led to hey, I need as much ribbon as my binky leashes take…which led to a super fun, multi pupose baby item! There are so many uses for the MyMee. (which I named based on the fact that Chloe calls blankets her “me” and sammi was holding one like the perfect little baby blanket)


– baby bib
– toddler bib
– binky leash
– lovey
– spit rag
– toy leash
– blanket leash


You can easily interchanged the straps and lovey portions to match your mood. The leash included with the MyMee is the same as my other pacifier leashes.


To use as a binky leash, toy leash, or blanket leash remove ribbon from the fabric piece. To hold a binky or toy, loop the end of the robbin through the item and simply snap shut then attach to fabric or baby using the plastic clip. To use as a blanket leash loop the end around your stroller, or car seat and use the plastic clip attached to the blanket. To use as a baby or toddler bib simply snap the leash to the fabric and feed the ribbon behind baby then clip the plastic clip to the appropriate side. To use as a spit rag or lovey clip, have the leash snapped to the fabric and the plastic clipped to they baby or car seat, and use or love as needed. Can also be used as a lovey or spit/snot rag without the leash.


The leash/strap is made using a cute ribbon with ruffly edges and a strip down the center. The plastic clip used, clips right on to any outfit or item and the small plastic teeth keep the leash secure without ruining anything. The clip is sewn into a loop of ribbon. The snap allows for easy removal of your child’s pacifier or quick attachment to the fabric. This leash works with all types of pacifiers given the appropriate adapters. Leash measure approximately 9 inches from tip of the plastic clip to the tip of the closed ribbon, and about 12 inches with the snap open. The fabric portion is a cotton blend on one side and a flannel on the other. The flannel allows absorbance without added bulk. It is topped stitched, and has just the one snap on it.



Diapers.com great buys!!! May 5, 2009

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I just ordered my second order from diapers.com and their prices are just so great, plus delivery right to my front door! I spend 34.99 for 120 size 6 luv’s diapers for Chloe, the same amount of diapers would have cost me 42+tax in the store. I ordered diapers for Sammi at the same time and being that my total was over $49 I got free shipping.

You can get $10 off your first order with my special code ‘easy2009’. This saves you $10 off your first order and gives me $5 credit. We both come out ahead! Such great bargains!


Handmade Recycled Upcycled Onesie made from a T-shirt!

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Thats right I made a onesie from a shirt! It is such a fab way of making new clothes for your children having to spend either little or no money. You can also create one of a kind clothes for them that no one else will have. This onesie used to be a womens 2x tank top that never fit me but had a really cute beach theme across the front. I even made a really cute hat to go with it out of the same fabric! The little lady in the picture is my newest addition Samantha aka Sammi. Just for size reference she is a size 0-3 months! This was much easier than I expected but SOOOO cute! There are a lot of step but not that bad and nice feeling since the fabric is more worn in. I just put this up on Etsy! Wish it luck!






Yet another new bib on Etsy! April 20, 2009

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I just posted another new bib in My Etsy. This time it is a boy or girl bandana themed one!



New Etsy Items!

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It feels so good when I actually get something done in a day…and I haven’t even been home most of the day! These are items I just listed in My Etsy Store.

Cherry Pot Holder

Grapes Pot Holder

Hello Kitty Bib