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Handmade Recycled Upcycled Onesie made from a T-shirt! May 5, 2009

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Thats right I made a onesie from a shirt! It is such a fab way of making new clothes for your children having to spend either little or no money. You can also create one of a kind clothes for them that no one else will have. This onesie used to be a womens 2x tank top that never fit me but had a really cute beach theme across the front. I even made a really cute hat to go with it out of the same fabric! The little lady in the picture is my newest addition Samantha aka Sammi. Just for size reference she is a size 0-3 months! This was much easier than I expected but SOOOO cute! There are a lot of step but not that bad and nice feeling since the fabric is more worn in. I just put this up on Etsy! Wish it luck!






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