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I miss you Grandma October 22, 2008

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I lost my Grandmother after a year long fight with small cell lung cancer that had spread to her brain.  My Grandma was such a loved and loving person who will be missed so very dearly.  My sisters blog here http://everythingyourmamamade.com/2008/09/28/i-lost-my-grandma-1-week-ago/ has her blog about it.  My grandma passed away just before she would have been 70.  We lost her on Sunday the 21st of September…one month ago today.  She was more than just my Grandmother, she was my friend.  I had helped my grandma sell baked goods and hand crafted items at local farmers for 9 years, if she hadn’t have gotten sick this past year it would have been 10 years.  My Grandma loved to read, bake, sew, embroider, knit, garden and so very much more.  She had an extreme fondness for roses, and flowers in general.  She was survived by all of her 7 children, 14 grandchildren, and 8 greatgrandchildren.  The child I am currently pregnant with would have been number 9, we are going to let the gender be a suprise but I am really hoping for another girl so I can give her either grandmas first or middle name as a middle name.  I first started helping grandma the summer I turned 12.  Mom would drive me to her house on friday and I would spend the night helping her roll out and finish pie crusts, make her berry tarts, and make her lemon bars.  During christmas I would come and be the cookie one, and rolls out batches of gingerbread cookies.  A favorite thing for me to do was take the last of the pie crust when we were done and roll it out and place it on a cookie sheet and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar.  When we had her celebration of life we all baked pies using berries she had in her freezer, and I made her cheddar braid.  Her cheddar braid was one of my many favorites that she used to bake and sell every week at the market.  I was so proud because that was the first yeast bread I had made by myself and it turned out perfect.  I think she really would have been proud of me.  My life is moving so fast with me and my husband expect our second child in Feburary, and having just purchased our first home.  I really think she would have been very proud of me.  She had a hard life as she was adopted at the age of 5 and split from the rest of her 3 sisters.  Her adoptive parents were great but when she got married her and my grandfather didn’t have much money and I don’t believe she ever owned her own home until may years after her and my grandfather split.  I think that she would be proud that we have this great home and are starting our own family.  i just don’t know what else to say about her right now…there is just so much and I miss her so much…I wish there was something we could do in her memory but I just cant think of anything.