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handmade bibs…with taggies! January 24, 2008

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ok, so i am in a crafting mood. my newest creation is simply a bib, which i am making a bunch of so i can sell them at the farmers market this summer. and for the pics….

with taggies…

and just the cute bibs…

they are getting much easier to sew as i go, and now that i have the pattern for sure i am just doing them in batches…have a handful finished and a bunch that just need to be top stitched. i made the pattern from a bib of my daughters that i liked and just left room for the seams. i am going to make matching burp clothes…though i dont have any of those to make patterns from…so i will just have to freehand it! the taggie bib was fun to make, i have a matching one in my pile that needs to be top stitched…thats the only grosgrain ribbon i had on hand…so need to buy more so that i can make more taggie bibs. the only thing i need now is either velcro or snaps for the back.


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